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In light of the immeasurable suffering that is being inflicted upon the country of Ukraine by Russia's unjustifiable military invasion, and the despicable atrocities being committed by the Putin's Army, I have made two little 12" bears, Fadeyka and Darina, to help raise funds for two small organisations offering direct help within Ukraine.  100% of their adoption fees will be shared between the following organisations

75% of the money will be sent to "The Doll and Teddy Bear World for Ukraine" fund,which has been set up by Sebastian Marquardt of Hugglets Teddy Bear shows.  The funds are being distributed directly to Ukranian teddy bear artists and their families in order to  help them survive this horrific war.  If you would like to find out more about Sebastian's fund or make your own donation,  please click on the link below, every penny will help our friends in Ukraine.

In addition to the unimaginable suffering being brought upon the people of Ukraine, it's heartbreaking to witness the abandoned, injured and stray animals that are now trapped and starving within the war zone. Their situation, and that of their carers is desperate, with little prospect of escape and supplies becoming more and more scarce.  However, "Breaking the Chains", a small animal welfare organisation now has "Boots on the "Ground" in Ukraine .  Founded by a British ex-serviceman, Tom S-N, he and his colleague Steve have been in Ukraine for the last few days delivering much needed food and medical supplies to both animals and people.  Working alongside a number of other organisations, they are entering the country on a daily basis and have already made life saving deliveries to multiple animal rescue centers, a children's hospital and have additionally evacuated one woman and 67 animals. The remaining money will be a small contribution to funding their operation.  To find out more please visit:

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