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My journey as a teddy bear artist began in December 2002.  Whilst searching for a Christmas present for my daughter, I came across the website of a well known Teddy Bear Artist, and from there I followed the link to Oakley Fabrics - at the time one of the UK's largest mohair suppliers.  Since childhood, I had always been a "maker of things", and the thought of being able to create such wonderful teddy bears myself really struck a chord. I placed my first fabric order and so began my passion for mohair and teddy bear design, shortly after, Humble-Crumble Bears was born.


Over the years my bears have found homes all over the world and my work has been featured in a number of publications.  Whilst I now sell exclusively from my website, in the past I have also have supplied specialist teddy bear retailers and have had the pleasure of exhibiting at teddy bear fairs around the UK, including the Hugglets Winterbearfest in London.

In 2017, I decided to take an extended break from bear crafting, making my return in Summer 2021, under my new banner, Bears by Victoria Allum.  Whilst our name has changed, our ethos has not, and I sincerely hope that each bear will continue to be a faithful companion and bring great pleasure for years to come.



Having been a lover of antiques and old things for as long as I can remember, my bears are naturally inspired by the Steiff bears of the early 20th century. 


Crafted using traditional techniques, from fine, gently aged German mohair, wool felt and linens, I aim to create teddy bears with the suggestion of an old soul.  All of the bears have glass or antique boot button eyes and hand painted detail is applied to their faces for added appeal.  My aim is to create a gentle, knowing expression, and inevitably a bear which over time has their own story to tell.  As with the teddy bears of yesteryear, my creations have hand embroidered noses and claws.  They are loosely jointed and filled mainly with wood wool for that "old bear feel", steel granules are added to their tummies, paws and toes and for a reassuring weighty feel. 


A great deal of time is spent to ensure that each bear has a unique personality and character, which is why you'll never see the same bear twice.


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