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Dear Tonya

Many thanks for your waiting for your commission bears, here are the little bears we discussed - I do hope that you'll like them. 


As I mentioned, they are slightly different from the original bears - I would say they have a gentler, more muted colour pallet which I think is really pretty. 


I have used the same vintage Ukrainian linen for Solomia as I used for Darina, but I have reversed the embroidery pattern to make her a little different. The colours used for the embroidery are the same and are stitched using beautiful, variagated Valdani threads from Romania.  She wears a blue crochet lace ruffle that matches the colour of her little friend Vasyklo's fur, tying the two together.  She also has the addition of  some darker blue French knots in her embroidery adding further harmony.


Vasyklo has been made from a hand dyed Hembold mohair.  Unfortunately as I suspected, the blue mohair that I over dyed with more blue for the original bear is no longer available, but I did manage to find another blue mohair to use as a base.  The colour acheived is more muted than the original, perhaps you'd call it petrol or pilot blue.  Vasyklo also wears a crochet lace ruffle, it is the same type of lace as that used for Solomia except it is oatmeal in colour.

I do hope that you'll like Solomia and Vasyklo and are still looking to have them as a pair.  Below, you'll find 3 options - the "Buy Both of Us" page, where if you choose to have both bears they can be checked out as one item, offering a small reduction on the postage and the individual "Buy Just Me" pages. If you decide that perhaps one of the bears isn't quite what you had hoped and would like to adopt just one of them, their individual pages are also below.  Do take a look at all of the pages as they have more photos!

Well, I'll leave it with you, if you would like to proceed please feel free to use the check out for your chosen option.

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