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A gentle soul, made from 1950s, vintage Hungarian hemp cloth, Merrill is a hand embroidered bear . This sandy beige vintage fabric, has a luminous quality that only comes with age and it lends itself very well to representing a teddy bear that has lost it's fur. Although the fabric is still strong it has been interlined for added stability. Embroidered with apricot white roses and rose buds, both her name and colour palette have been borrowed from one of my favourite roses, "Margaret Merrill". Filled with a mix of woodwool and polyester fibre, steel granules have been added for a reassuring weighty feel. The tips of her ears, paws and toes have been lightly stained and she has subtle shading to her face for added character. She has a mossy brown embroidered and waxed nose, cream woolfelt paw pads and she wears an apricot pink, hand dyed, fray edge chiffon silk ribbon.


  • Height: 15"
  • Fabric: Vintage Hemp
  • Filling: Woodwool, polyester fibre & steel
  • Eyes: Glass
  • Accessories: Hand dyed silk chiffon
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