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At 12 inches tall, Iyashi, meaning healer in Japanese has been made from a lovely  vintage, hand loomed Hungarian hemp fabric.


His head and tummy have been embroidered with floral motifs, representing the 7 Reiki chakras, whilst they are not the actual symbols the motif designs are "informed" by chakras.  In total, there are 56 different coloured threads making up the embroidery - 8 per motif.   


Iyashi has biscuit coloured woolfelt pads , a mossy brown waxed and embroidered nose and hand painted detailing to his face.  He has been entirely filled with woodwood (including his head) and has small bags of steel weight in his ankles, wrists and tummy.


Iyashi wears a beige, crochet ruffle that fastens with a blue ribbon to match the embroidery of his throat motif.  Finally, the long distance healing symbol has been applied on the left side of his back, in a colour that matches his ruffle and is more of a whisper than a statement.



Height: 12"

Fabric:Vintage Hungrian linen

Filling: Woodwool and steel granules

Eyes: Glass

Clothing: Cotton crochet lace

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