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Elodie is 11" tall and has been made from a black, lightly felted mohair.  The tips of her ears, paws and toes have been lightly plucked and trimmed.  She is 5 way cotter pin jointed and is filled with woodwool, polyester fibre and heaviuly weighted with steel granules.  She has a black stitched and waxed nose, glass eyes and a little highlighting to her muzzle.  She wears an handmade dress, created from lightly dyed nude pink cotton lawn which has been unevenly teastained to give the appearance of a little age.  The bodice has been hand embroidered with little wild flowers and the hem of both her over skirt and petticoat have a frayed raw edge.  The dress fastens at the back with 2 little vintage mother of pearl buttons and to finish she wears a pale pink viscose ribbon round her neck.


Height: 11"

Fabric: Mohair

Filling: Woodwool, polyester fibre and steel granules

Eyes: Glass

Accessories: Hand made, embroidered cotton lawn dress

Please note, due to legislative changes in European Extended Producer liability for packaging materials, we are no longer able to ship to a number of European countries.  Please click here to visit our FAQs for further information.

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