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Cosmo is a 15" design who, as requested has been made from a beautiful dark blue, short, dense velvety mohair. His paw pads are made from a soft biscuit coloured wool felt. Cosmo has a black waxed embroidered nose with subtle hand painted shading to his muzzle and around glass eyes. Cosmo wears a hand made, ivory linen sailor collar trimmed with dark blue tape stripes and a little vintage nautical button. Cosmol is 5 way split pin jointed (no wobble head) and is filled with woodwool, polyester fibre and steel weight.


Height: 15"

Fabric: South African Mohair

Filling: Woodwool, polyester fibre & steel

Eyes: Glass

Clothing: Handmade linen collar

  • Delivery Charges

    Please note, the above price does not include shipping costs or any local duties and taxes that may be due for overseas purchases.  For more information please see the Purchasing & Shipping Information page.  One of following shipping charges will be applied at checkout.  Please ensure that you select the correct shipping region for your purchase.

    UK - £10.00

    Europe: £30.00

    North America:  £40.00

    Rest of the World: £40.00

Please note, due to legislative changes in European Extended Producer liability for packaging materials, we are no longer able to ship to a number of European countries.  Please click here to visit our FAQs for further information.

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