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Bitsy is a 12 inch heavily distressed, loosely jointed little clown bear. His fur, originally a distressed cream on tan, has been plucked, shaved and stained - he has very little left! His beige woolfelt paw pads are also stained. He may be missing most of his fur but his little glass eyes shine bright and his black waxed nose is still complete. He wears a pale pinkish taupe, hand dyed muslin clown suit which has some light staining and a little "repair". To give him a little lift his suit has been trimmed with some very smart taupe and gold vintage buttons. His outfit is completed by a dip dyed cotton tulle clown ruffle tied with a raw edge silk bow and brass color bell. Fillled with woodwool, he has been weighted with steel granules.


Height: 12"

Fabric: Mohair

Filling: Woodwoo and steel granules

Eyes: Glass

Clothing: Satin ribbon

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