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Avery is a new  He ha 14.5" centre seam design.  He has been made from a heaviy distressed, sparse golden tan Hembold mohair.  His fur has been trimmed, plucked, shaved and lightly stained to give the impression of an older bear who has some wear.  He is filled with woodwool, polyester fibre and steel weight - his tummy has been slightly underfilled for a slumpy posture.  He has black glass eyes, an embroidered and waxed black nose and hand painted shading to his face.  He wears a hand made, ivory linen sailor collar, trimmed with an ivory and mid blue stripe tape and vintage brass button.


Fabric: Hembold Mohair

Paw Pads:  Biscuit Wool felt

Eyes: English Glass

Accessories: Linen

Please note, due to legislative changes in European Extended Producer liability for packaging materials, we are no longer able to ship to a number of European countries.  Please click here to visit our FAQs for further information.

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