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Anna, named after Anna Pavlova, probably the most famous ballerina of the early 20th Century, is the first of a series of ballerina bears.  She is 13" tall and made from a semi sparse ivory mohair. She has ivory woolfelt pads, glass eyes and a soft, faded brown nose which has been lightly waxed. Her face has been enhanced with hand painted detail.  She has been filled mainly with woodwool with additional polyester fibre, and is weighted with steel granules.  She is 5 way cotter pin jointed (Anna does not have a wobble jointed head).


 Anna wears a tutu with an ivory silk panelled corset style bodice, trimmed with vintage pleated tulle and lacing up at the back with a long ivory faux silk ribbon.  Her tutu skirt is somehwere between a long romantic tutu and a classical tutu, similar in style to those worn by the Degas ballerinas, it has 12 layers of ivory net and soft cream tulle. Underneath there is an additional, shorter double net layer, designed to keep the skirt away from her legs.  Anna wears a tiny, 9cm pair of Freed of London pointe shoes which have been lightly whitened to loose some of their shine and they fasten with satin ribbons.  To finish she has a flower crown of ivory and cream silk flowers.

Please note, due to legislative changes in European Extended Producer liability for packaging materials, we are no longer able to ship to a number of European countries.  Please click here to visit our FAQs for further information.

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