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Gabriel is 12" tall and has been made from a sparse ivory mohair with pale biscuit woolfelt pads. He has black, glass eyes, a faded brown nose and very subtle shading to his face. The tips of his ears. paws and toes have been trimmed and plucked to give the impression of gentle wear whilst the backing fabric has been lightly stained. Gabriel is filled with wood wool, polyester fibre and steel granules. He wears a hand dyed whisper pink silk raw edge bow.


Height: 12"

Fabric: Mohair

Filling: Woodwool, polyester fibre and steel granules

Eyes: Glass

Accessories: Hand dyed raw edge silk bow

Please note, due to legislative changes in European Extended Producer liability for packaging materials, we are no longer able to ship to a number of European countries.  Please click here to visit our FAQs for further information.

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